About Me


Award winning Director of Short Films including 16mm and Super8 films. Developing a feature and a series.


I have edited most of my own films including shorts and docs. Using Final Cut and also Premiere Pro and Avid.


Using Adobe After Effects, Apple Motion, C4D to design titles, motion typography and animated web content.


Films I made have affected real change. Either commissioned or self initiated, they deal with some of the toughest issues.


Childrens book ilustrations for Storybird and Harmless. Stock vector illustration for iStock and Getty Images. Naturally also a Storyboard artist.


Essays on Film published in a Macmillan anthology and in a Literary Quarterly. Screenplays : feature and short.

shona dutta charlton


A British Asian Director based in the South East of England, known for shorts and docs, now developing feature and Series projects.

Born in India, I went to Film School in New Delhi and in Sheffield and have an MA in Film-TV Production. A Trek and Sci-Fi nerd, I love collecting comics and am indeed working on my own graphic novel!


  • Annual Finalist 2020:
    Independent Shorts Awards LA
  • Best Indie Short:"The Sacrifice"
    Indie Short fest 2020
  • Finalist Best Mystery Short: "The Guard"
    Indie Short Fest 2019
  • Semi Finalist Best Children's Short:
    Hyperwave Film Awards 2019
  • Jury Award Best Children's Short:
    SHORT To The Point Film Fest 2018
  • Best Children's Short:
    Indie Short Fest 2018
  • Independent Shorts Fest
  • Shiny Network Awards "Shiny Pick"


  • Best Director: "The Sacrifice"
    UK Offline Web Fest 2020
  • Best Newcomer: "The Sacrifice"
    UK Offline Web Festival 2020
  • Best British Film: "The Sacrifice"
    London Indie Film Festival 24 Frames 2020
  • Award of Recognition Women Filmmakers:
    Accolade Global Film Competition 2019
  • Best Supporting Actor: "The Guard"
    IndieX Film Fest 2019
  • Best Women's Short Film:
    Independent Shorts Awards 2019
  • Best Mystery Short Film:
    Independent Shorts Awards 2018
  • BRONZE REMI Award:
    52nd World Fest Houston 2018
  • Golden Fox Best Children's Short:
    Calcutta International Cult Film Festival 2018
  • GOLD Best Child Actress:"Ghost in the Kamera"
    Independent Shorts Award 2018
  • Best Costume Design:"Ghost in the Kamera"
    Indie Short Fest 2018
  • Best Children's Short:"Ghost in the Kamera"
    Indie Short Fest 2018
  • Silver Award: 5 Years of Discovery Promo
    Radio and TV Producers Association
  • Charles Wallace India Arts Trust Award 1999
  • Hubert Bals Fund Award:"Chandi"
    Rotterdam International Film Festival 1995


  • 30th Flickerfest International 2020
  • London Independent Film Festival LIFF 2020
  • OneTake Film Festival 2020
  • Women of the Lens 2020
  • Tweetfest 2020
  • South Film and Arts Academy Festival 2019
  • UltraCinema Mexico Super8 Festival 2019
  • LA International Children's Film Festival
  • Women Cinemakers 2018
  • Queen Palm International Film Festival 2020
  • Anatolia International Film Festival 2020
  • Global Indie Film Fest 2020
  • Lift-Off Global Network New York 2020
  • Watford Short Film Festival 2020
  • Bloodstained Indie SciFi Horror Action FF 2019
  • Flickfair Film Festival 2021
  • Berlin Flash Super8 Film Festival 2019