The Guard

Short Film (2019), Psychological Horror

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Shot over 3 days in a cold November in 2018, The Guard was made by a predominantly female crew. Producer Tamara Day and Writer-Director Shona continued to forge a new way of working. We raised most of our budget via crowdfunding on Indiegogo and the film subsequently went on to screen at film festivals and win awards.

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Behind the scenes photos by Mickey Vissers.

Behind the scenes

Behind the Scenes

Filming at night

Moodboards created by Shona to help clarify our visual approach, lighting and art direction. The costume and look of the mysterious doppelganger was based on the classic horror film 'Bell, Book and Candle".

Moodboard - by Shona Charlton

Moodboard - by Shona Charlton

Moodboard for costume - by Shona Charlton